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  • Best Mexican Party Ideas
    September 23, 2023

    Best Mexican Party Ideas

    Say "Hola" to a Fiesta like No Other! Before you scrunch up your eyebrows and ask, "Why should I take party advice from this guy?" allow me to introduce myself. I’m the life of every party, a fiesta aficionado, a...

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  • Mexico Independence Day
    September 23, 2023

    Mexico Independence Day

    When Tacos, Tequila and Liberty Collide: A Hilarious Story of Mexico's Independence Day Hello, amigo! Grab a margarita, put your sombrero on, and let's embark on an enchanting journey. Ah, where to, you ask? Well, to the magical land of...

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  • Mexico Day Of The Dead
    September 23, 2023

    Mexico Day Of The Dead

    Feliz Día de los Muertos! A Celebration of Life, Love, and Candy Skulls Roll out the Marigold Carpet Are you tired of the same old drab funeral? Crying, weeping, everyone dressed in gloom-kissed attires? Then pack your bags! We're jetting...

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